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I've decided that I am going to start posting my favourite albums as I listen through my current music collection.
Why should I keep them all to myself? I'm sure there is someone out in the world that can appreciate these artists as much as I do. I'm a few decades too late for most of these albums, so I won't bother much with writing out a full personal review.

Garlands by Cocteau Twins

For the past few days I have been utterly fixed and mesmerized by this album. You can listen to the album here for free.
Overt repetition doesn't stop me from loving Garlands. It is a pioneer album in its genre and deserves to be appreciated.

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I caught the common cold and have been sick for the past two days. I haven't been able to go to work which has led me to this place. I'm not fond of the way my head feels, I can't think straight, I've had too much caffeine, and I should sleep.
I'm too reclusive, spending last weekend organising all of the music I have collected onto two laptops and transferring it all into neat, tidy digital folders. Today I tried to organise my page by weeding out all the artists that I no longer care for or have no interest in listening to again. All the while, streaming Spotify which is more of a distraction from listening to all of the albums and discographies I own because I go off on tangents to find remixes to queue.
If I could also have the same motivation to organise my clothes, I'd be really doing swell in life. Unfortunately the sickness has overtaken most of my manic drive and has rendered me useless (only for a short while I hope!). I have been enjoying my manic states lately since I have lost the desire to drown myself in alcohol. This new found freedom has led me to do some rather useful and/or life improving things. The only downfall to this is that I have become less social. I find no displeasure in spending time to myself. (These little enlightenments are products from finding secure happiness.) This can only be credited to the one who holds my heart across the sea.
The knowledge that I'm never truly alone is comforting.

The medicine I drank earlier is finally starting to take effect now. I'm turning off the lights, closing my eyes and hoping that I get some rest tonight!
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I'm a mid-twenties nobody.

I also enjoy taking long walks, constantly listening to music, reading books (casually), independent film, cigarettes, my significant other, and all those things I've listed in my profile.
I've not given this particular online journal a purpose yet, but it's here.


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